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Event organization includes many other processes such as preparation, execution, and completion.


Event organization includes many other processes such as preparation, execution, and completion. Depending on the specific field of the event, the agency needs to have different changes and assignments. To learn about a general event planning process, read the following Vietnam event agency - Bo Decor article.

Preparation stage

The list of work that needs to be done before the event includes:

Determining the theme of the event: The theme of each event can be influenced by different factors including size, style, customer opinion, regional culture, and resources. Theme identification takes creativity to express its own identity and avoids cases of copying or repeating old ideas.

Arrangement of the program script: This task includes the preparation of event content. It will be presented on paper. It is then sent to the client with a specific contract and quote. This is a decisive stage of cooperation. Therefore, it is a job that requires careful preparation and investment in all aspects.

Assignment of work: Successful events require the effective cooperation and assignment of many different people and departments. Proper planning and assignment will be one of the factors that will help the event achieve success.

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Implementation stage

A roster of jobs will be sent to each employee and volunteer so that the work is carried out according to the assigned plan and tasks. The implementation phase requires cooperation and timely reporting to promptly handle incidents as quickly as possible, to avoid affecting the progress and quality of the event.

Each department is assigned the responsibility to do its part well and play an equally important role in achieving the overall success of the event. In the process of implementing the event, all work should be followed by the assignment and carefully supervised.

Finally, after the event is over, the event team will proceed with cleaning up the items and cleaning the rented area. At the same time, payment will be made between the parties.

Above are Bo Decor's shares about the perfect and professional event organization process. We always try our best to bring you the best quality services with both responsibility and dedication in the work. Customer satisfaction is the driving force that helps Bo Decor become more successful in the future.

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