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The event planner will help you to make your event exciting and different, which opens up your world of opportunities.


The best Vietnam luxury event planner Bo Decor Vietnam will make your event unique and different. We are flexible, well-organized and professional, range of services and options, and experts at creative event agencies. Together with us, you will reduce stress overload that leads to achieving the expected results, which avoids many unexpected issues during the event. With professional event planning, Bo Decor Vietnam will ensure event attendees and clients are satisfied.

The best Vietnam luxury event planner – Bo Decor Vietnam


The best Vietnam luxury event planner Bo Decor Vietnam offers complete event planning services and leading event design. Our team is passionate about conveying the client’s unique ethos and messaging through professional events. Working closely with Bo Decor Vietnam, your all events are bespoke and individually customized to your liking.

Bo Decor Vietnam luxury event agency will coordinate our efforts to plan and celebrate professional meetings and events. We will carry out all the work very efficiently as we choose to arrange transportation, meeting or event locations, and coordinate other details.

What does Vietnam luxury event planner/agency/company do?


In general, Vietnam luxury event agency will typically do as following:

Scheduling a meeting to the client for the purpose of the event;

Planning the time, program, location and cost; our team will seek out event spaces and locations to suit the unique needs of the client’s requirements;

Working closely with the client to choose the location holding the event, the contract for services, some other service providers as florists or photographers, and more;

Inspect these places to ensure that they meet the client's event requirements;

Coordinate effectively service providers as food service, rooms service, transportation services, to name a few;

Task assignment and confer with on-site staff to coordinate details;

Participate in supervising all event activities to ensure the success of the event.


The event company will support all works for the event from preparing, programming, consulting program scripts, and coordinating all activities in the event. You only need to follow the implementation plan and make some suggestions when necessary, in addition, the remaining tasks are supported by Bo Decor Vietnam experts. Then, you will have enough time to prepare more important tasks and promote the event to be more successful.

Bo Decor Vietnam - the best Vietnam luxury event company, is pleased to serve you in the near future. Bo Decor Vietnam, operated by Bliss Weddings and Events Planner Vietnam, promises to offer the most creative, monumental, and customized event space.

With Bo Decor Vietnam, there’s absolutely nothing that is more important than class, professionalism, and creativity. We are proud to have a team of professional event agencies, always suggest creative ideas and present the theme in a distinctive and prominent way, upholding the aesthetic requirements in Decor Vietnamation.

Any great events such as an opening event, anniversary, year-end party, customer appreciation event, new year party, and more.

Whether you are finding The best Vietnam luxury event agency, event planner, or event company in Saigon, Hochiminh, Hanoi, Danang, Phu Quoc, Nha Trang, please feel free to contact Bo Decor Vietnam!


What is the role and purpose of luxury event planning?

The role of luxury events

The luxury events will help businesses increase the prestige and attractiveness to the media and target customers. High-end events are often held in the business, commerce, social, entertainment, sports, and more in order to increase the attention of new customers to the brand, customer appreciation, new product introduction, to name a few. The luxury event aims to the high-end customers therefore, the magnitude and elegance of the event are very important. Events can be prepared 4 to 6 months in advance to ensure all processes are free from errors.

Playing an important role such as marketing activities, luxury events will help your business polish your brand name, increase sales, and create effective communication impact. The success of each event greatly affects brand development and the number of loyal customers.


The purpose of luxury events

Each company has set important goals to achieve in its upcoming event. For luxury events, the event results must have also brought great value to the brand.

There are three main goals that luxury brands often aim at their events:

Supporting media campaigns, developing brand image, products, and services;

Improve or change customer perceptions of the brand;

Developing communication effects to reach customers more conveniently.

To achieve the purpose of the event, businesses need the support of Vietnam's leading luxury event planner, Bo Decor Vietnam. With extensive experience, specialized activities in the field of luxury event organization, the opportunity to work, contact and fulfill the strict requirements from the events of large corporations throughout the country, Bo Decor Vietnam confidently will complete this category most perfectly.

 Let us have the opportunity to accompany you to achieve success and create a great reputation for the brand in the upcoming event.