Explore the challenges of the event planning industry
The event organization industry is like all other professions, besides its vibrant dynamics, there are also some obscure challenges that every expert must go through.
Which event should I apply for a new product launch campaign?
You are about to launch a new product but still have no idea how to promote it? Please refer to the following suggestions with Vietnam event agency Bo Decor Vietnam.
How to obtain sponsorship for an event?
How is the sponsorship process done? What issues should you pay attention to? Let's find out in the following article of Vietnam event decoration company Bo Decor.
How to choose the event planner for the media events?
The professional media event is one of the most popular event types today. How to choose the right reputable and quality planner?
Plan the optimal budget for your business event
Event organization includes lots of jobs and items large and small that need to be spent differently. Meanwhile, it is rare for a customer to give us an exact number of budgets.
Event forms for special consumption goods
The event is widely applied in all industries and business products in accordance with the law, including products listed as "sensitive" items such as alcohol, cigarettes, online games. and more. How to promote these products while ensuring compliance with the law?
What types of the backdrop are often used in the event?
Backdrops are important and indispensable items in event decoration to help you inform and convey messages to all guests of the event. So what are the popular types of the backdrop?
Some notes for party arrangement in the event
One of the most important issues for a successful event is the event reception. This is the place where guests enjoy and experience their feelings in the event.
How do I capture attention to an event announcement?
Announcement of an event carries on the work of advertising and communicating the event's information to customers widely and capturing the attention of customers.
What types of events are popular for businesses in Vietnam?
Events are one of the extremely important and regular activities of the business. Do you understand what an event is?