Important notes for a company party
The purpose of the company party, also known as Staff Party, is to summarize what the company has done in the past year, at the same time give an assessment and continue to encourage employees to work harder next year.
How to design publications for use in the event?
Event organization plays an important role in marketing and brings special meanings and messages that the organizer wants to convey to its guests and audience.
Some common mistakes of event organization
Successful event planning is one of the most difficult tasks of event planners. It is hard to avoid mistakes if they do not have the experience and overview of requirements and problems.
Explore the event process in Vietnam
Event organization includes many other processes such as preparation, execution, and completion.
When should organize an event?
Event organization is currently an effective marketing tool to attract customers' attention to products and services and increase customer interest in brands.
How to manage risk in event organization?
It is very difficult to avoid the difficult and troublesome problems in the organization and decoration of the event. Therefore, to respond to sudden situations, you need to have observed, calculated, and carefully prepared to deal with them in the best way.
How to choose the event venue properly?
An event venue is an important part of your master event planning. Once you've identified the event venue, you can plan your next job.
Do your event gifts is included in event planning?
Event Gift – Giving Plant is one of the unique and highly effective event plans in creating the impression and attracting the attention of the guests.
How should I get started in an event planning career?
You should enjoy a lot more experience and knowledge beyond your meticulousness, creative consciousness, enthusiasm, and passion. Once you've got all the “tools of practice” in place, start your own event series.
Common mistakes in event planning
Event planning is one of the most important keys to an event's success. However, it is easy to make mistakes in the planning process for many-objective or subjective reasons.