How should I get started in an event planning career?

You should enjoy a lot more experience and knowledge beyond your meticulousness, creative consciousness, enthusiasm, and passion. Once you've got all the “tools of practice” in place, start your own event series.


The vibrant events industry will give you more life experiences than any other career you can do. If you want to "embark" on this $ 500 billion industry, you should enjoy a lot more experience and knowledge beyond your meticulousness, creative consciousness, enthusiasm, and passion. Once you've got all the “tools of practice” in place, start your own event series.

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Step by step "get involved" in the event planning career

Do not quit school because of passion

Not everyone chooses the right subject of their choice because, at the time when they decide to choose a career, they may not have a clear vision of who they will be and what to do. During your time at school, you may find your dream in the event industry but your studies are still unfinished which makes you want to give up and change your career.

"Don't drop out of school," said Bill Nguyen, Director & Event Organizer. You can accumulate a variety of knowledge from your life or any profession to apply to your event planning career in the future. Therefore, firstly, you should demonstrate your ability to work professionally, then you can plan to pursue your dream into the event industry.

However, if your passion is discovered earlier, disciplines that are useful in this profession including Business Administration, Marketing, Language, Hospitality, Design, and more should be enrolled.

Experience from the perspective of the attendee

Event organization is only successful when you meet the attendee's requirements. However, to understand what the audience wants, let’s be the audience first.

You should actively participate in conferences, seminars, exhibitions, competitions, and music programs as diverse as possible when you are a student. You will understand the audience's perspective through these experiences.

In addition, industry seminars, conferences, or exhibitions will help you reach out to experts and better understand the profession. Thereby, you will have a good orientation for your future.

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Join clubs, associations, and groups

You should start participating in small events at school through clubs, associations, and groups. You will practice your event planning skills there. Bravely volunteer to be the event team leader and try your hand at managing the event planning.

Experience is the most valuable lesson, helping you to be more successful in the industry.

Take part in small positions in events

Please actively send your information to major event organizers to register as staff or volunteer in their event. This is an opportunity for you to experience and approach a professional environment, and at the same time, increase your ability to endure pressure during big events.

The values you will gain from this job are experience, practical knowledge, and relationships, which are very valuable for the event organizer.

Sign up for specialized training courses

You will have better knowledge and facilitate working in a professional organization process if you have a specialized certificate. Therefore, please refer to the methods to help you get a formal training license to choose the most suitable direction. You can take an apprenticeship at an event industry, complete a full-time course at an event training school, or take online courses.

Select the appropriate event field

Do you want to be a general event organizer or choose a niche to develop your strengths? This should be based on your ability to self-evaluate. You will likely see your own advantages and disadvantages in the event industry through your experiences. As a result, you determine which area you will best pursue in order to invest time and effort in that area to improve your capabilities and understanding.

Find a good mentor

Relationships will help you find your mentors, to track their steps, and learn lessons through their experiences. They can be the ones who will teach, guide, encourage, and help you navigate your future. Expand your school relationships, actively listen, and take note of their shares, experiences, and insights.

The future path will not be paved with roses for you. In order to go on a less unstable path, you are forced to take off your thorn little by learning, experiencing, and testing yourself in real events.

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