Discover inspirational event decoration ideas
Unique professional event decoration and design always require the high artistic spirit of the decorators. There is an endless inspiration from the most prestigious events on the planet such as the Oscars, Grammys, Golden Globes, Emmys, to name a few.
Agency life: What's new in modern events?
The development of technology has greatly affected the event industry. If in the past, agencies had a headache when applying online technology to events, today, this work is not difficult for agencies anymore.
The latest event trend - Apply technology to event organization
In the age of rapidly developing technology, the application of advanced technology in everyday life becomes extremely necessary.
Applying technology to increase the effectiveness of the event
Ideas for event decoration are always innovating in each period. In the current technology 4.0 era, we cannot ignore technology applications.
What are the elements of a successful exhibition event?
Organizing exhibition events is a great project requiring professionalism and experience from the event planner.
The reasons for you to invest in event decoration
Events are very important activities of the business, which regularly held with many different purposes and scales. For a successful event, a business needs to focus on many factors, including event decoration.
The secret to achieving customer satisfaction in the event
Based on Maslow's needs pyramid, people have 5 basic needs in life. Applying it in the events, these 5 needs represent the guests' desire.
How does the Covid 19 pandemic affect the event industry?
The Covid 19 pandemic has made a long-term impact on the world economy in general and hit the event organization hard in particular.
How to best practice for organizing and managing events?
Event organizing has never been an easy task. To get a perfect and successful event, event planners have a better understanding of the tasks that need to be performed and prepared. 
Where should the Event Planner consult in-depth about the event field?
If someone stops learning and developing, a talented person will sometimes be obsolete. Winners at this moment are also unlikely to continue winning at another time.