Where should the Event Planner consult in-depth about the event field?

If someone stops learning and developing, a talented person will sometimes be obsolete. Winners at this moment are also unlikely to continue winning at another time.


If someone stops learning and developing, a talented person will sometimes be obsolete. Winners at this moment are also unlikely to continue winning at another time. Therefore, the spirit of learning, improving knowledge, and skills is an important factor to help you become a successful event planner. Having more in-depth knowledge in the event field will help you bring new and more creative events to your customers.

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Top 5 blog updates with good event trends

#1. BizBash

If you want to access ideas, information, and resources about smart events to get inspired by the technology application event design, don't miss BizBash. Information in this blog covers venue, technology event design styles, and useful tools to help you design a successful tech event. In addition, you can also update news in audio form through a podcast site called Gather Geeks developed by BizBash.

#2. EventMB

Information on EventMB will keep you up to date with trends, technology, innovation, and event training information. New trend reports and analysis data for event apps will all be updated on this blog year over year.

# 3. Eventbrite roundups

To update event trends and customer insight at the right time, event planners cannot ignore the general articles of Eventbrite roundups each month. Here, Eventbrite roundups provide in-depth articles and industry terminology related to great event tips. The variety of topics, the variety of information will help you see the breadth of this industry.

# 4. Connect Association

The beauty of articles on Connect Association is the ability to provide concise, concise, and complete information for viewers. Through this magazine, you will find the most valuable insights. Don't forget to take a moment to learn more about the core values that customers want the event planner to bring!

# 5. Smart Meetings

Event Planners around the world are always looking for speakers, event venues on this blog. Smart Meetings also provides more information on trends and tips for successful events.

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Top 3 Blogs provide an overview of the event industry

An overview of the event industry will help you better visualize what to do next.

# 6. MeetingsNet

You can tailor the content to your target market segment in event management on MeetingsNet's interactive magazine app. Thus, you will update the information you need to pay more attention, saving you time in searching for information effectively.

# 7. Event Industry News

The latest information in the event industry will be updated as quickly as possible on Event Industry News. If the event planner wants to have a broader view of the industry and do not want to ignore any valuable information, please subscribe to the news on this page!

#8. International Meetings Review

Information about the event industry worldwide will be fully updated on this website. Here, you can also filter information at different locations.

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